Italian to English marketing translation that showcases your brand

Are you a Made in Italy business that needs to create a bella figura among English-speaking customers?

Perhaps you are already successful in Il Bel Paese and are expanding into English-speaking markets. You already know translating your marketing copy from Italian to English is a good step.

Did you know that 82% of Britons would not use a company with incorrectly translated English copy? Don’t be one of the many businesses that lose potential customers through neglecting this!

Italian to English marketing translation that reads like original copy

Translation is more than simply transforming words from one language to another. If something sounds marvellous in Italian, in English it doesn’t necessarily work. As a trained native English translator and copywriter, I can translate your Italian into English copy that captivates anglophone audiences, without compromising your original message.

Trained native English translators have a deeper linguistic and cultural grounding in their mother tongue than someone who learned it as a second language.

One who lives in their home country is a bonus. Because I am surrounded by English day and night, writing copy that appeals to Brits is second nature.

Subject matter expertise is also important. I understand the nuts and bolts of the original Italian marketing material and can recreate it with my English toolkit.

English for international audiences

Does your international audience speak English as a second language? Nine years in global advertising taught me to communicate effectively with non-native speakers without them getting confused by my English accent.

Don’t get lost in translation – work directly with me

Working directly with me, you have a hotline to the person doing the work. This makes the whole process quicker and more effective. You can also communicate with me in Italian – or English if you want to flex that muscle!

Italian to English marketing translation – text types and industries

As a marketing specialist, texts I translate include:

  • Website & SEO copy
  • Press releases
  • Content – for blogs/ magazines
  • Product descriptions
  • Marketing briefs, plans, and market research

I have experience in translating marketing material for the following industries:

  • Heritage craft techniques e.g. weaving, basketmaking, dyeing
  • Fashion
  • Sustainable agriculture, horticulture
  • Tourism
  • Sustainable living
  • Not-for-profit and activism
  • Design & architecture

Email me to discuss your Italian to English translation project.

If your project differs from the above then I may still be able to help or be able to refer you to a specialist who can.