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Privacy policy

Who I am

Fuschia Hutton is a freelance translator and copywriter. I work with both agencies and direct clients, currently based in the UK and EU.

This document is Fuschia Hutton’s Privacy Policy. It has been created and is maintained by Fuschia Hutton as part of the measures to comply with the GDPR.

I am registered with the ICO under the Data Protection Register, my registration number is: ZA354695


I collect, store and process names and email addresses of clients, potential clients and colleagues for relationship building.

I process source documents into target documents, and also use information such as project briefs to best understand the needs of my clients. In all cases, source documents and information are kept on file on my personal computer and cloud storage, which are both password protected.

I do not currently have a mailing list. If I introduce one, this policy will be updated.

My website outlines my services on offer and gives visitors a chance to get in touch via a contact form. There is no online selling platform.

I am present on Twitter and Instagram in a professional capacity.

I use Translation Memories which are created from the translations I carry out and stored on my CAT (computer aided translation) tool. These enable me to provide consistency and efficiency in terminology and style.

Data Controller

The client or agency is the Data Controller.

Data Processor

As the person carrying out work on behalf of the client/agency (Data Controller), I am the Data Processor. I also use Data Processors to help me manage and store my work.

Retention of Data

Classes of Data Where is it held? How long is it kept for?
Name and email addresses of clients and colleagues Cloud (OneDrive), computer (password protected), Hotmail and Gmail Kept for up to 10 years after last contact
Contact details and names of people/businesses present in translation source documents Cloud (OneDrive), computer (password protected), TM-Town (GDPR compliant) Kept for up to 10 years to maintain consistency in style and in case the client needs a copy
Name of client on invoices Computer (password protected), cloud (Onedrive) Kept for 6 years for tax purposes then deleted
Details pertaining to bank transactions with trading partners by online banking (BACS) Halifax Online Banking and PayPal are used to manage payments  
Ip addresses of visitors to the website may be collected WordPress provides basic stats but does not collect any personal data. The IP address may be collected to identify returning visitors but this is not available to me.  
Translation Memories SmatCAT (computer aided translation tool), creates a translation memory from the translations I carry out Kept for up to 10 years to maintain consistency in style


My client work

Where I work with direct clients, I keep all documents related to the translation or project stored on my personal password-protected computer. I also store them in the cloud (OneDrive) to prevent any technical failures, which is compliant with GDPR.

I upload translation source and target documents to TM-Town (owned by ProZ). This is a secure facility which operates in accordance with GDPR. Details of the source and target documents are limited (e.g. subject, languages, number of pairs), and the copy is not available to members. I use this system for marketing (if a potential client has a similar language/topic to translate I will come up as a match), and to keep a running total of the number of words translated.

I also work with some agencies via their own systems. In these cases, I do not collect any information on the client. I do however keep copies of translations or copy I have created to create a portfolio and for future use (i.e. to maintain consistency in style if I translate similar topics). Currently all work I translate is available in the public domain.


I treat all work as confidential and do not share the source or target documents, or the produced copy, with anyone other than the client. On payment, I transfer the copyright to the client and they can edit it as they wish.

When my work has entered into the public domain (i.e. publicly accessible website or magazine), I may take screen shots for portfolio purposes.

If requested by the client, I am happy to delete any source/ target documents/ copy from my computer and the cloud once payment has been received.

Website and online presence, cookies

Website & Cookies uses the basic cookie package that is built into WordPress. This is used to verify who the user is, and provide me with information about how many site visitors I receive, which pages they visit and their country of origin. It does not store any personal information.

I do not currently use Google Analytics.

Personal Information collected and processed

The personal information we collect may consist of:

  • Name
  • Contact phone number
  • Postal address
  • Email address
  • Ip address
  • Bank details (where there is trading in place)

I not currently collect Personal Sensitive information. If the situation changes (i.e. I start translating official documentation or medical certifications), then this policy will be updated.


I collect names and email addresses or colleagues I meet for networking purposes, for example if I wish to pass work onto a colleague or approach them for advice. In all cases, the email address I collect are professional addresses available on their websites or social media. It is kept secure on my password-protected computer and cloud storage.


I collect, store and process names and email addresses of clients and those who make an enquiry with me. The purpose of storing this is to maintain and build relationships – if someone makes an enquiry but I am not the right freelancer for the project, I might get back in touch at a later date to offer my services if they have projects which are a better fit. I also keep the names of clients on file for accounting purposes.

Third Parties

I will never provide personal details to another party. If someone asks for your details I will send their request to you so that you may reply to them.

Bank Information

Payment is collected through my Halifax Online Banking account or PayPal. I do not keep a record of any bank information.

Data Breaches

In the event of a data breach where unauthorised access has been made to access member’s personal data, all members will be informed by the committee.

If you are unhappy with the way your data has been used you can complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office at

End of document.