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Various agencies

Transcreations that capture the essence of a brand… in English

The clients

I have worked closely with several agencies based in the UK and Italy to provide transcreation projects. This service is particularly suited to advertising copy – both long-form and short-form – because it focuses on the message and communicates it in the most effective way for the new target audience.

The projects

A sample of my favourite projects:

– TV spot voice over scripts for companies that sell tuna, advertising data, and blinds.

– Poetic wine labels that capture the spirit of a remote vineyard in Sardinia.

– Press releases announcing new collections for prestigious fashion houses.

– Video scripts featuring interior designers promoting their work.

– Brochures and product descriptions for interior design companies.

– Landing pages for a tourist destination in Italy.

The standard process for transcreation work is to provide three versions of the copy, a literal translation into Italian, and commentary explaining creative and strategic decisions.