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Various agencies

Translation from Italian to English

The clients

I work with several British and Italian translation agencies and provide them with English translations of Italian documents and texts. The clients are a mix of household name brands and smaller companies.

The projects

The translation projects I work on fall into two main categories: marketing translations and translation of marketing collateral and content.

Marketing translation involves translating marketing materials for marketing professionals. This could include marketing strategy documents or marketing research questionnaires.

Translation of marketing collateral and content involves translating material designed to engage the reader and sell the brand’s reputation or its products.

Translation varies from transcreation by keeping closer to the original Italian text.

Here is a selection of some of the projects I have worked on:

– Magazine articles for the English version of a well-known interior design magazine.

– Marketing research questionnaires and open-ended responses for clients in the tourism and telecommunications sector.

– Marketing strategy documents for an Italian magazine.

– Investor packs for a business consortium.

– Internal communications for a design company.

– Event programme for a conference about architecture.