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The Stitchwriter

Written content to support a fellow copywriter as she expands her business

The client

The Stitchwriter, AKA Martha Moger, is the go-to copywriter for makers and craftspeople. She has helped countless creative businesses carve out a niche for their products online. However, as she expanded and diversified her business, she no longer had time to write all the content and copy for her clients. She needed someone who could help her who didn’t need hand holding and could take up from where she left off, creating content in her clients’ tone of voice and researching suitable keywords.

The project

Based on a simple brief, I researched the most advantageous keywords for the product and searcher intent. The blog posts I wrote were optimised for these keywords so they would help bring in organic search traffic, even when they were no longer being shared on social media.

Because the businesses were largely run by one person, or a small group of people, tone of voice was key. I trawled each brand’s social media posts to identify their own unique tone of voice and quirks to sprinkle liberally throughout the copy.

In the client’s words:

Martha Moger, The Stitchwriter, said:

“Working with Fuschia is a delight. She quickly grasps just what’s needed and is able to craft valuable copy that has added strength to the brands and businesses we partner with. Fuschia has become an important part of our freelance team in a short space of time, is incredibly easy and personable to work with and has never missed a deadline.”