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SEO-friendly English copy for an Italian towelling manufacturer

The client

Almatex was founded in northern Italy in the 1940s and is one of the only remaining terry towelling producers in Italy. Having resisted the 1990s textile crisis, they looked instead to innovation and doubled down on their sustainable practices. Today, they sell a wide range of branded and plain terry towelling products to spas, hotels and big businesses in Italy and beyond.

The project

Almatex was rebranding, launching a shiny new SEO-friendly Italian website with copy written by an Italian SEO copywriter. They now needed an English version which would allow them to get their products in front of international clients. It needed to be SEO-friendly to capture organic search traffic in the more competitive English-language market.

The challenge

When localising a website, it’s not enough to simply translate SEO keywords in a traditional manner. This is because the way people search differs between country and language. They may not use the same words and phrases (or even a literal translation of those words and phrases) to search for the same products and services. There may be a number of possible keywords: an SEO translator’s job is to use SEO tools to determine the relevant keywords which have an optimal balance of competition and search volume, while matching the users’ intent in the new market.

This was one of the challenges which I faced when localising the Almatex website: the main keyword they were targeting in the Italian copy had 7 (!) possible translations. Using my SEO tool, I was able to identify which of the possible translations would be the best keyword to centre the copy around, while the other 6 keyword served as synonyms. This data-driven approach meant we weren’t simply guessing which terms would be more popular among searchers looking for towelling products.


The result

Almatex now has an English-language website which showcases its product range to prospective English-speaking clients AND is optimised for the search engines. At the time of writing, the website is either first result or on the first page of Google for its target keyphrases.

What the client said

Vittoria Zambaiti on Almatex’s design team said:

We’re very happy that we worked with Fuschia! She kept to the deadlines and was polite and helpful, willing to work with the team. She is very professional and I recommend her to anyone who wants English copy tailored to their needs!