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Blog content to help a young recruitment agency build its online reputation and drive organic traffic

The client

Young recruitment agency MasterSearch was quickly building a reputation for expertise and efficiency within the automotive and manufacturing industries. But they knew that topical written content would help get their name out to potential staff and clients as well as drive organic search traffic. They approached me to see if I could identify good keyword opportunities and write content that was informative and positioned them as an authoritative voice in their field.

The project

I began by conducting SEO keyword research to identify the most effective keywords to attract potential recruitment clients in this specialist field. This led to a content strategy built around topics that would interest hiring clients in the industry. The resulting blogposts were published on the company blog and LinkedIn.

At the halfway point I reanalysed the results to understand which topics were gaining the most traction. We found that posts about recruitment within the automation industry were more successful than thought leadership posts. We revised the content strategy to reflect this.

What happened next

By the end of the project, average monthly website views were up by 130% and the MasterSearch LinkedIn page grew dramatically in terms of followers.

But the best thing? Since the content was evergreen and optimised for SEO, it will continue to pull in website visitors.

In the client’s words…

Rhys Masterson, Managing Director of MasterSearch said:

We wanted to gain more traction with higher website views and build credibility in the market. Working with Fuschia really took a lot of stress away from me so I could focus on growing the business. The management of the whole process and how she kept on top of planning the next stages was perfect for me and we were able to build stronger content by being on the “same page”. We achieved a massive number of website views compared to what it was previously. Would 100% work with her again once we continue to add more blogs onto our website.