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Heritage hair care brand

SEO-friendly product descriptions for a heritage hair care brand’s sustainable revamp

The client

My end client (who I collaborated with via an agency) was a heritage haircare brand which was launched in the 1970s and popular at the end of the 20th century. It even had a place in my childhood bathroom cabinet at one point.

Now owned by a large parent company, the company was going through a full relaunch to revamp the brand. It wanted to appeal to modern eco-conscious consumers looking for natural, effective beauty products.

To achieve this, the company decided to relaunch new, greener products. It had also overhauled its brand messaging.

The project

As part of the new brand look, the client was relaunching a series of products with new plant-based formulas and more sustainable packaging.

New products means new descriptions, and the client needed a series of SEO-friendly product descriptions for use on the websites of UK retailers.

The client could then translate these master copies into a number of languages and optimise them for local SEO.

The challenge

I initially joined the project at the revision stage. My role was to ensure the copy was mistake-free and relevant. I also needed to make sure the keyword optimisation did not hamper the natural flow of the copy.

Using this first set of product descriptions as a base, we were able to refine the copy. I made it more succinct and removed anything which could face regulatory issues. At this point, I took over the creation of the product descriptions, writing the remaining five from scratch.

With keyword research, it can be tempting to use any keywords which seem related to the product but don’t match searcher intent. One of the challenges was identifying transactional keywords which people would use when they were ready to buy, instead of looking for product roundups or reviews. Taking search intent into account, I was able to identify less useful keywords and discard them in favour of fewer, but more relevant, keywords.

The result

The end client now has a series of product descriptions which it can then use on various third-party e-commerce sites.

As well as forming the basis of localised product descriptions, the copy and format can also be used as inspiration for future product launches, whether these are created by the agency I worked with, or by the client.

What the client said

Giulia Formica, Transcreation Account Manager at the agency said: Thank you so much for your amazing work on it and for your flexibility with the project and the multiple requests, aware there were quite a few and that things were changed multiple times, but you were always super reactive and detailed. It was a real pleasure working on this project with you (as with all other projects!).

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