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Rainbow Seeds Cantonese

An SEO-friendly English website to help a language school attract more families to the classroom

The client

Rainbow Seeds Cantonese was set up by Miss Ceci, a lively and energetic language teacher from Hong Kong. The school’s philosophy is to teach Cantonese to bilingual children in a fun, interactive and playful way.

After several successful years building a customer base all over London, the school was expanding. They took on a new teacher and made more lessons available. The global pandemic proved that taking lessons online still worked, and they could also help children in locations beyond London.

The problem

Rainbow Seeds needed an English language website to support their business growth. It would help them get the word out to Cantonese-speaking families who wanted their children to learn the language, and convince them to take a taster class.

Miss Ceci had drafted her website in Cantonese. She initially thought a translation would be the best solution. However, after speaking about the project, we realised we could work together to tease out what was special about Rainbow Seeds and why families should choose this school over the others available.

Transcreating an SEO website into EnglishTranscreating an SEO website into EnglishTranscreating an SEO website into English

The solution

Using the Cantonese copy as a base, I completely recreated the copy in English to draw bilingual Cantonese families in and convince them to try Rainbow Seeds. We delved into the benefits of group sessions and private sessions and communicated Rainbow Seeds’ playful philosophy.

Keyword research helped me identify the best keywords to optimise for SEO, and all pages were optimised for on-page SEO.

In the client’s words…

When the project was complete, Miss Ceci said:

I am a native Cantonese speaker. I can see Fuschia is very professional and passionate on her website so I decided to ask her to help. She is very good and hard working. I really appreciate she was willing to take a challenge to help me. It is not easy work but she did a very good job. She did not only do a translation, she expanded on the benefits and the reasons why we are the perfect choice for parents who want their children to learn Cantonese. Thank you, Fuschia!