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Ester Mignani

An SEO-friendly English website that captures an Italian freelancer’s tone of voice

The client

Ester Mignani is an Italian SEO transcreator. She helps businesses who want to reach Italian customers online by adapting their websites and content into Italian. Her USP is her ability to explain marketing concepts simply.

The project

Ester’s website was going through a rebrand, and she needed to localise her new Italian content into English.

One difficulty with selling professional translation and copywriting services to people who do not speak your language is that they cannot get a taste of your work. Ester’s English website would need to capture her playful – but straight-talking – personality, which shines through in her writing.

It also needed to be optimised for search. Ester has very strong search engine ranking for her chosen Italian keywords, and we needed to do the same for the English version. We couldn’t assume that the best keywords would be a direct translation of the Italian keyword: I would need to carry out new research to find the best English keywords to target.

I used Ester’s website copy as a base and created an English transcreation which would help her website rank higher for suitable English-language keywords. I made sure that each page was optimised for the keywords but was also easy and pleasant to read.

For the more creative elements, including the headlines and some call to actions, I offered three versions so that Ester could choose the version she liked best.

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What the client said

When her new site launched in English and Italian, Ester said:

Fuschia gave several alternative translations to ensure that the English version of my website reflected my tone of voice. I hope to work with her soon on future projects and recommend her to anyone who needs content in ‘proper’ English.