I’m Fuschia, Italian to English translator and copywriter – piacere!

Italian to English translator and copywriter

Ciao! I’m an Italian to English translator and copywriter based in London. If you’re a small British or Italian business targeting the English-speaking market, then you need your copy to work hard for you. It’s hard enough standing out online, but if your website or marketing materials aren’t crafted in a way that lead your customers where you want them to go, then it’s all for nothing.

Dairy-free copywriting

Copywriting doesn’t have to be sleazy. It’s not about hypnotising customers into buying your product at all costs or inciting a destructive act of mass consumerism. And cheesy salesman-esque copy? Don’t worry, I prefer my mozzarella on my pizza. (Although I can’t resist a pun.)

It’s about taking those who can genuinely benefit from your product or services gently by the hand and gently guiding them through the sales process. Take a look at how I can help you with your copywriting here.

Translating Made in Italy into Loved in England

Every good translator guarantees quality and excellent customer service. That’s a given. To make a good translation an effective translation, I draw on my marketing background and copywriting training. It’s not enough to simply reproduce the original in another language – you need to really get under the skin of English customers to speak to them. Only then, can Made in Italy become Loved in England.

If you do not have original Italian copy, then you can brief me to write the copy directly in English. Take a look at my Italian to English translation and transcreation services in more detail here.

Qualifications? Yep, I have them

When you choose a copywriter or translator, it can be difficult to know who to trust. Anyone can decide overnight to just go for it. But just like skilled craftsmanship, they are arts that require training and deliberate practice. I hold Diplomas in Translation and Marketing and have completed extensive copywriting training. Before retraining as an Italian to English translator and copywriter, I spent 9 years working in marketing and advertising.

I mostly work as an Italian to English translator and copywriter within three niches – sustainability, arts & crafts, and travel. Because I specialise in these three areas, you can be sure of working with someone who genuinely ‘gets’ you and your customers.

Working with me

When working with a copywriter or translator, this shouldn’t mean losing your unique voice, one that you’ve perhaps built up over years. I let you do most of the talking until it’s time for the words to take centre stage.

Before I even start to type, I spend time getting to know you and your customers, so I can understand what really connects with them. We will start with briefing – communicating in either English or Italian – and I will keep you updated along the way. I find that collaboration is the best way to ensure that you end up with something you are over the moon with, and more importantly – works.

Home-grown freelancing

I live in London, my ‘home market’. This might seem pretty unexotic while everyone is off doing their digital nomad thing. But what it means is that I remain connected with English culture, humour and idiosyncrasies. Writing or translating Italian to English in a way that appeals to Brits is second nature.

What else? Well, I am a typical Brit who always chooses tea over coffee and I have to admit I do like pineapple on my pizza (but don’t worry I don’t eat it in public).


  • Concentrating on niche industries (sustainable lifestyle, arts & crafts, travel & tourism) means you work with someone who ‘gets’ you.
  • Are you repelled by sleazy, cheesy sales copy? Don’t worry, me too!
  • I treat my trade as a craft – I have a Diploma in Translation (with 3 merits) and am a trained copywriter.
  • I cut my teeth by working in marketing and advertising for 9 years.
  • You can brief me in English or Italian and I’ll keep you updated along the way.
  • I’m based in London, surrounded by English culture, humour and idiosyncrasies.

Take a look at my freelance copywriting services page or find out about my Italian to English translation services.

Alternatively, email me to say ciao and arrange a no-obligation consultation call.