Copywriting: your (slightly) secret weapon

A professional freelance copywriter won’t impress your customers with fancy words. And we won’t make your sales skyrocket with stunning – but untrue – claims.

We can’t resist the odd pun, but only if it helps you reach your goal. This could be more sales, shares, or email addresses in your digital black book.

Successful copy takes considerable time to craft. And in business, time is in short supply.

It also takes skill. Anyone can throw some words together, but they’re just decoration if they don’t persuade customers to take action.

When done properly, copywriting is your secret weapon. It can help make your customers notice you and click ‘buy’ before your competitors get a look in.

As a trained freelance copywriter, I can help if:

  • you know what you want to say but don’t know how to say it
  • you need help identifying why customers should choose you
  • you’re ready to communicate a more professional image
  • you have no time to craft compelling and helpful copy
  • your website is attracting the wrong type of customers

I sculpt the words just so, to make your ideal customers find you, love you, and buy from you.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) website copywriting

Beautiful product images may paint a thousand words, but they don’t help Google – or potential paying customers – find you.

Writing for your target customers is always more important than writing for Google, but I always include on-page SEO as standard. In fact, it’s like a little treasure map to point Google in the right direction (your website).

Multilingual website copywriting

Italian business wanting to work with an English copywriter but don’t want to speak English? Non ti preoccupare. I offer a multilingual copywriting service, so you can brief me in Italian and I will produce the copy in flawless English.

You have the choice of receiving all proposals, quotes, and emails in Italian or English.

The catch? You just have to put up with my English accent.

My freelance copywriting services

Web page copy: 1 page

An appealing and persuasive page for your website based on your specifications. Includes on-page SEO.

Sales landing page

An effective lead generation page that includes an engaging headline, persuasive copy, and offer. Includes on-page SEO.

Web page copy: 5 pages

5 appealing and persuasive pages for your website based on your specifications. This could include a home page and/or sales page, about page, services page(s), FAQ, contact or testimonials. Includes on-page SEO.

Keywords research report

Research into the most achievable and targeted keywords for your site, based on competitors and Google AdWords results. Includes a call to take you through your options.

Press release

A powerful press release that intrigues news outlets and encourages them to run your story.

Award entry

A compelling award entry that fully complies with the entry guidelines.

Need another copywriting service or a package that combines a little bit of this and a little bit of that? Just ask!

Written your own copy and need some professional pruning? Check out my proofreading/editing services.