Sustainable superhero, I know. Being an ethical brand isn’t easy.


Are you:

  • A gutsy ethical brand, launching in a market that’s growing like wildflowers (but saturating fast)? You need to get off to a strong start with your communications and don’t have time to faff around, working out the most effective way to do it yours.
  • An ethical pioneer that has seen growth and can’t see the forest for the trees? You’re now ready to pass the copywriting hat onto a professional copywriter who’s really rooting for you.
  • A sustainable Made in Italy brand ready to bring your magic to the English-speaking market? You need killer English communications that don’t dampen your brand in translation.

Ethical brand copywriting

You’ve battled against the odds to make your planet-friendly product or service sustainable and cost-effective.

You’ve had to put up with naysayers who brush you off as a crunchy option. Even worse, people that love what you’re doing for the planet, then buy a cheaper (unethical) version.

And not least, you’re not exempt from the challenges facing all brave entrepreneurs, and that includes working out how to write copy that engages your customers and converts.

In fact, you could even be forgiven for giving up on your ethical brand dream. But you haven’t.

What if you could pass on your copywriting hat once and for all?

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You want:

  • Ethical brand copywriting that’s peachy, not preachy.
  • More traffic to your website, and you don’t want to pay for it with expensive Adwords and other paid-for techniques.
  • To build meaningful connections with potential customers that share your values and hold their hand while they add to cart and beyond.
  • To capture the English-speaking or international market in a way that does justice to your Made in Italy brand.

When selling ethical products or services, or trying to persuade people to change their habits, you need to tread a fine line between informing and enthusing.

The last thing we want to do is turn the reader off by preaching at them or filling them with an overwhelming sense of powerlessness. That’s why carefully crafted copy is essential in this game.

Other things you don’t want:

  • Sleazy, manipulative copywriting designed to light a rocket under your customers for short-term gain at the expense of long-term connections.
  • Something blah/ earnest/ wishy washy/ rainbows and unicorns delete as appropriate.
  • Stilted, literal English that could have been translated better by a machine.
  • None of that greenwashing, thank you very much. Life is too short to be associated with those less-than-ethical brands just paying lip-service to the whole environmental cause.

Hi, I’m Fuschia (yes that’s my real name).

Ethical brand copywritingI’m a bulk-shopping, aspirant zero waster. I started bin-diving to save recyclable paper when I was 9 and while these days I tend to intercept the paper on the right side of the bin, I’m close to the ground when it comes to environmentalism.

I’m also a copywriter and translator with a serious crush on sustainable brands and excited to be helping them in their path to world domination.

I can craft copy that speaks to your customer/audience in a way that they understand – whether they are a die-hard crunchy or a regular member of the public with moderate interest in green issues.

But I know enthusiasm isn’t enough. I’m also:

  • Trained in copywriting and translation with the qualifications to prove it.
  • A 9-year veteran of international marketing so I’ve seen how the big boys do it.
  • Neurotic about accuracy, proofreading, and creating the perfect copy for you.

I know you’re in it for the planet, but profit is also important. After all, if you can’t afford to eat, how are you going to help others work together for the planet? Your customers are going to miss out. 

Because collaboration over competition doesn’t mean you stand back like a wallflower as others in your niche fill up their order books. Yes, there’s room for your ethical brand and let’s shout about it together.

Your competition (or collaboration) is not only other sustainable brands, but other ‘non-sustainable’ brands. Whatever point in their ethical journey your target customers are at, we can put our heads together to work out how to get them to find you, love you, and buy from you.

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If I don’t have a successful business, then I’m an environmentalist who happens to be Paul McCartney’s daughter, and that is a conversation which lasts about three seconds. No one is going to come back for more of that chat.

Stella McCartney

So how exactly can I help your ethical brand with copywriting?

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Why work with a bulk-shopping zero-waster like me?

  • I’m another green link in your supply chain. My web hosting is 100% wind powered, and I use a green energy supplier. And it goes without saying I reduce, reuse and recycle in my business processes. I don’t rest on my laurels either – I regularly review to see where I can make improvements.
  • I’m active in the sustainable niche so I know what your ‘competition’ is up to, I can refer you on to other ethical service providers, and you can benefit from the fact I’m committed to learning more about your niche.
  • I know you wouldn’t touch sleazy marketing tactics with a greasy bargepole. Guess what, me too! I concentrate on creating authentic copy using your voice that builds a genuine rapport with your customers.
  • My ethics extend to my own business. Let’s face it, it’s a jungle out there, and not everyone’s happy to play by the rules. Honesty and communication are integral to my business – you’ll get no inappropriate upsells or sneaky sabotages from me (and yes, some copywriters do that). In fact, I was once described by an ex-boss as ‘too honest’ and advised to become more Machiavellian. True story. Ethical brand copywriting

Don’t just listen to me:

Fuschia Hutton has translated a large number of articles about sustainability, natural craft and ethical fashion for No Serial Number Magazine. Fuschia Hutton is a very professional and takes great care in her work. She regularly offers an invaluable contribution to our magazine, pays great attention to detail and does not hesitate to ask questions whenever necessary. She is always punctual and a pleasure to work with.

Francesca P. No Serial Number (sustainable lifestyle magazine)

Thank you, you’ve done a very good job! It has been a real pleasure to work with you and thank you so much for delivering so quickly (we really appreciate that) and for your clear and accurate feedback! We will certainly reach out to you in the future.

Elisabetta R. Dailygoods (sustainable goods rental company)

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