Copy editing and proofreading: polishing your words until they sparkle

If you write your own marketing copy or content, an extra pair of eyes is priceless. We are all human and silly mistakes are tenacious little you-know-whats. It is especially hard to proofread our own writing, because we read what we think we have written instead of what we have actually written.

If you have never written copy professionally, it can be difficult to know whether your carefully-chosen words really have the desired impact. Sometimes you know what you want to say but can’t work out how to say it.

This is where a proofreader and copy editor comes in. From a pair of eagle eyes over superficial inaccuracies (proofreading), to a more comprehensive service (copy editing), I can help your writing sparkle.

Proofreading: a little spring clean

It’s easy to make little mistakes when you write. And the spell checker can only get you so far.

Typos and other mistakes can seriously undermine your message and ultimately your credibility as a business – 59% of Britons said they would not use a company with grammatical or spelling mistakes in its marketing material. When skipping this step can have such devastating consequences, you need to keep those naughty little typos and homophones in their place.

Let me scrutinise your text and clean up any inaccuracies and mistakes so your customers don’t spot them first.

Copy editing: your words, polished until they sparkle

Copywriting is a learned craft and can be a daunting task if you lack experience. Your text needs to be written in a way that is easy and pleasant to read, yet it also needs to work hard for you. Headlines, SEO, metadata…there’s a lot to tackle.

Entrust me with your text and watch as the scaffolds go up and it transforms into something that is pleasant to read and – most importantly – works.

Copy editing non-native English

If English is your second language, let me (sensitively!) pinpoint and correct any inaccuracies.

With copy editing, I ensure your text really resonates with your audience.

I charge the same for proofreading and copy editing non-native English texts as those written by native English speakers. So, speaking another language doesn’t mean you pay extra.

I don’t correct translations from online automatic translators (yes, I can tell!). Instead, check out my professional translation services.

Email me for a copy editing or proofreading quote.